Our services

Business networking:

Encouraging exchanges (clients/service providers) between regional business to increase job creation and wealth, and boost regional development.


Promoting the transfer of knowledge between seasoned entrepreneurs and those just starting out to help new businesses reach greater heights.

Expert services:

Providing a network of experts to help stimulate expansion, creation and diversification projects.


Guiding our entrepreneurs to help them identify government support programs that are adapted to their needs.

Coworking space:

Providing access to low-cost workspaces to aid the development of new businesses.


Helping entrepreneurs looking to invest in the La Matanie area access the necessary capital.

FIDEL is a partner-investor of a $1,000,000 venture capital fund, which it helps entrepreneurs access.

Providing access to the private equity and expertise of over 20 Matane Dragons, successful entrepreneurs from the La Matanie area that are looking for interesting business opportunities in the area to help foster development.