FIDEL de la Matanie



A fast track service for bold entrepreneurs

FIDEL is an alliance of 140 Matane-based companies who strive to share their business savvy. Through their economic influence, they help forge relations and meetings with government, regional and national stakeholders to simplify your operations and protect your interests.


Business networking

FIDEL promotes exchanges between local businesses (clients/ suppliers) to increase job creation and wealth, and boost business development.



FIDEL encourages experienced entrepreneurs to pass on their expertise and help budding entrepreneurs reach higher levels of success.


Expert Services

FIDEL provides a network of experts to support our entrepreneurs in their various business projects to expand, innovate and branch out.



FIDEL helps our entrepreneurs find government assistance programs that are best suited to their needs.



  • FIDEL fosters capital financing opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in Matane.
  • FIDEL facilitates access to 1 million dollars in risk capital funds with FIDEL as an investment partner.
  • FIDEL opens up access to private capital and business expertise from over 20 Matane-based Dragons, successful local entrepreneurs who want to get involved in business projects and support regional development.

FIDEL Entrepreneurial grants

For the past two years, we have awarded more than $100,000 in annual grants to support the growth of local businesses. FIDEL believes it is essential to alleviate some of the financial pressure of entrepreneurs at critical stages in their growth. Application takes place from September to March every year.


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